The Mouse King (Fine Art Holiday Greeting Cards)


The Mouse King (Fine Art Holiday Greeting Cards)


In 2004 artist Brad Parrish decided after he had kept hearing from so many collectors over the years that they could not find any of his sold-out reproductions of his holiday prints such as the "Shh! image with nothing but prints on the secondary market that he would produce his work on greeting and note cards that could be worthy of the quality of his fine art prints, something that would be suitable for framing and would maintain the integrity and quality of his published works.  In 2004 Brad created and published the MOUSEKING Holiday Collection.  The collection debuted in New York at the National Stationery Show at the Javits Center to overwhelming success. Since then hundreds of thousands of boxes of holiday cards have sold from coast to coast.  However, the downturn in the economy and the expensive costs to maintain the high the quality in producing these cards was forcing Brad to produce these cards off American soil by American workers. The rising costs each year and still a struggling economy forced Brad to halt production of this beautiful holiday card collection which included the Mouse King, Something For Mtzi, North Pole Express, Shh!, Nativity, Ebenezer, Checking It Twice and St. Nichols. This year is bittersweet as we offer the last handful of remaining boxes of holiday cards which are the Mouse King and Nativity cards from the 2004 MOUSEKING Holiday Collection for the very last time and quantities are very very low.

Card Dimensions:  6 1/4"w  x  5 1/4"h

Each Box Contains:

* 20 fine art cards printed using archival inks on archival paper.

* 22 fine art envelops.

*22 gold foil embossed MouseKing self-adhesive seals for the back of the envelope.

Message Inside the Card: May the smallest things in life be the most meaningful during this magical time of the year!

* These boxed holiday cards Include free shipping & handling within the continental United States with no sales tax added.  Sales tax will only be applied to residents of Wisconsin.  Please refer to our ‘Terms and Conditions’ for more information.

NOTE:  These "Mouse King" holiday cards are limited to those last boxes we have set aside and are offering to you our collectors this holiday season. After these Mouse King cards are sold out there will more cards from this holiday collection available.  There are currently no plans in the future to produce these or the others this and other images from our 2004 "MOUSEKING Holiday Collection" in the very near future.

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