Las Vegas (Original Oil on Canvas with Gold leaf)

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Las-Vegas-Web-700 White Boarder.jpg

Las Vegas (Original Oil on Canvas with Gold leaf)

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Lost & Found!!

For over a decade this painting titled “Las Vegas” by artist Bradley J. Parrish was thought to be lost or stolen as there was no record of it being sold. And it has bothered Brad all these years as he searched and search for it over and over. This contemporary piece painted in oil with applied gold leaf was painted back in 2007 and after it dried Brad put in with another one of his favorite paintings in a locked and sealed crate so that nothing would happen to them both. As the years went by Brad forgot about these pieces he put in this locked crate and it wasn’t the norm for him to put his originals in locked crates unless they were being shipped out to a buyer. With so many of his works stolen over his career, Brad thought this one too had been stolen as well. That was until today January 19, 2018, when he came across a small piece of paper with a combination for the padlocks of a couple of his large fiberglass-covered wooden crates. All these crates are always empty and were the only place Brad had not thought to look in as he could not find the universal combination for all the padlocks all these years, besides Brad, had always Knew they were all empty and locked and remained empty in storage all these years until he needed to use one of them and then the bolt cutters would come out to open the empty crate.

As Brad opened five of these crates, the fifth one he tried yielded this painting and a framed original lithograph titled “The Embrace” from his popular Phantom of the Opera works. Brad was ecstatic that the paintings he thought were stolen or lost were now found in the mint condition just as they were when he placed them in the locked and sealed crate for them to remain safe. He said after he opened it, “It really made my day and I now just know that 2018 will be a great year for me, It has to be, if starting out 19 days into this new year I find two of my favorite works after all these years of thinking they might have been stolen and lost forever.” The works will now be offered for sale on the Parrish Fine Art website as Brad planned to do so many years ago.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Date Painted: 2007

Size: 20"h x 16"w

Signed: "Parrish" in the Lower Right-Hand Corner

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