Drawings Gallery


This gallery showcases the drawings of artist Bradley J. Parrish. Some of these drawings and/or sketches were taken from his journals over the past three to four decade.  Included are drawings that started out as  conceptual ideas for many of his paintings and sculptures. Also, a few of his Architectural / Interior designs and renderings, along with several of his logo designs and graphic works of art.   Brad, an award winning Architectural / Interior designer in the late 70's to the late 80's, worked as head designer for several major Architectural / Interior design firms designing anything from restaurants and hotels, to a palace for a sheik. Brad excelled in this field as well as the graphic arts field from 1977-1987; simultaneously  nurturing his passion in fine art. In 1987 Brad, again, was invited to have a solo show of his original works of art in downtown Milwaukee in which one of his pieces sold for $10,000.00. This piece along with several others at the show would net him more income than he would make all year as an Architectural / Interior and Graphic designer. This was the turning point in Brads career.  The catalyst for leaving the design industries and pursuing his lifelong dream of being a full time professional artist.  From there he never looked back. The successes that followed and the doors that opened were the results of Brad's never ending thirst for creating great works of art. "Always drawing.  Always!" This is what everyone who knew Brad growing up said. Brad knew the importance of drawing and sketching things he had actually seen and more importantly what  his imagination visualized and needed to paint.




Nude I


Dated 1997  /  Medium: Ink on Arches Paper  /  Image Size: 4"H X 6"W




Nude II


Dated 1997  /  Medium: Ink on Arches Paper  /  Image Size: 4"H X 6"W





Nude III


Dated 1997  /  Medium: Ink on Arches Paper  /  Image Size: 4"H X 6"W





Nude IV


Dated 1997  /  Medium: Ink on Arches Paper  /  Image Size: 4"H X 6"W





Ebeneezer (Ink)

Drawn in 1984  /  Pen & India Ink on Paper  /  Image Size: 4"w x 9"h


Ground Zero


Created in 2001  /  Medium: Graphite on Paper  /  Image Size: 12"w x 16"h







Michael Jackson


Drawn in 2001  /  Medium: Pencial on Paper  /  Imge Size: 4"h x 6"w




The Scout


Drawn in 1995  /  Medium: Original Lithograh  /  Image Size: 6'h x 8"w